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China Construction Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a listed environmental protection company (stock code: 300425) affiliated to China Construction Group Co., Ltd. It is committed to providing high-quality water environmental services, improving the water environment, and using magnetic separation water purification technology as its heritage , Committed to becoming the world's advanced provider of environmental integration products and solutions.


CSCEC adheres to the concept of good water management, and adopts ELS, EPC, BOT, PPP and other models to provide customers in the areas of water environment governance, municipal water environment governance, steel water environment governance, coal water environment governance, and green industry. Covering the entire process of industrial investment and financing, technology research and development, consulting and design, equipment manufacturing, construction and construction, operation management, etc. The company has a registered capital of 677 million yuan, has 26 branches and more than 1,600 employees.


CSCEC can closely follow the policies of the party and the country, build an open and win-win cooperation system, and focus on green development under the guidance of core values “quality assurance and value creation”. Strive for happiness with a harmonious and accessible attitude, and create with excellence. Value, realize the dream of harmony between man and nature!

China Construction Energy

Address: No. 3 Wuxing 1st Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan

Phone: 028-85001657

Postcode: 610045

National Network: Beijing Chengdu Zhangjiagang Hangzhou Shenzhen Tai'an Wuhan Suzhou Nanjing Hefei Fuzhou Qingdao Liuzhou Rizhao Tangshan Urumqi

Manufacturing base: Jintang Zhangjiagang