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Technology and Application

Technology Overview

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CSCEC can persist in building an open and win-win cooperation system, always adhere to the customer-centered R & D topic selection idea, and have a sound product and equipment system and technological innovation capabilities.

In accordance with the general trend of accelerating the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry in the country, around the sixth generation (SMDF) magnetic separation water purification equipment, MagCS magnetic media coagulation and sedimentation technology, MagBR magnetic media bioreactor, inflow non-metal orifice Grid and other product series continue to innovate. Among them, the magnetic separation water purification technology won the second prize of the 2014 National Science and Technology Progress Award, the MagCS magnetic media coagulation and sedimentation technology, and the MagBR magnetic media bioreactor participated in the technical achievement identification as an international advanced level. The company has a total of 217 patents, including 63 invention patents, a total of 22 scientific and technological awards, 33 papers published, and 69 registered trademarks.

Currently it has a research base of 3,000 square meters and a pilot base of 5,000 square meters. It has the only CNAS authorized magnetic separation water treatment and testing center laboratory and many advanced scientific research equipment, equipped with a professional R & D team, and the scientific research personnel account for 25%, providing strong support for the company's long-term development. In 2018, Huaneng Technology was approved as a post-doctoral innovation practice base, and in the same year was shortlisted for the 25th National Enterprise Technology Center.

The various products produced by the company have accumulated rich experience in product service in technology, process, trial production, testing and back-end commissioning and installation; they have the ability to meet the needs of personalized products of different customers.

In the application of centrifuge products, Jiangsu Huada, a wholly-owned subsidiary, has a complete and rich product line. The product application scope covers a variety of fields such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, mining, food, salt making, etc., and is an application industry in domestic centrifuge manufacturing enterprises. One of the companies with a wide coverage and a complete range of products. Relying on the advantages of rich product varieties, Jiangsu Huada can meet the needs of different customers, organize production according to the diverse needs of customers, and achieve effective control in all links involving users and products. Lean management is used to ensure product quality and improve product reliability. , To ensure the excellent and stable product quality, has a high reputation and reputation among customers.

In the area of water environment management of river basins, the company has formed a systematic implementation plan capability based on regional comprehensive mapping, research and environmental data based on issues such as black and odorous water bodies, sponge cities, and watershed management. Combined with super-magnetic separation water purification technology as the core of the source control and interception technology, MagBR integrated wastewater treatment technology as the core of the decentralized treatment technology, other green facilities and gray facilities technology, formed a comprehensive force technology product system. For different application scenarios such as source control, pollution control, endogenous governance, ecological restoration, etc., the governance solution integrates appropriate products and technologies accordingly, thereby forming an integrated overall solution to meet the different needs of customers.

In the field of municipal water treatment, for the problems of upgrading and energy saving in municipal sewage treatment, energy saving and consumption reduction, the company adopts the upgrading and upgrading technology with magnetic media coagulation and sedimentation technology as the core, and the filter surface technology as the core of four types of surface water Discharge technology, combined with other technologies, provides technical support for high-standard effluent and refined management of sewage treatment plants.

In the field of green industry, in order to solve the problems of large area, long process and low efficiency of iron and steel metallurgical wastewater treatment technology, the company has developed rare earth magnetic disk separation and purification technology, two-stage combined degreasing and magnetic pressing according to the water quality characteristics of iron and steel metallurgical wastewater. The technology greatly shortens the process flow and treatment time, quickly removes iron oxide scale, mud and other impurities in wastewater, and has obvious degreasing effect. It meets the water quality requirements for turbid ring water cooling and product production, and realizes reuse for production and make-up water. Aiming at the problems of high dust, difficult operation, and low reuse of mine wastewater, the company adopted ultra-magnetic separation water purification technology to achieve underground water purification and extended the subsequent reverse osmosis membrane process to achieve high-quality underwater water circulation solution. The scheme improves the underwater reuse rate of mine water.

In the field of industrial processes, Huada centrifuges continue to focus on the reuse of materials, resources and energy in industrial processes. The manufactured pull-bag centrifuge and decanter centrifuge are widely used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other fields. We will continue to make further improvements in technical products according to customer needs to achieve customer industrial process value.