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Technology and Application

Metallurgical industry

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In the 1990s, our company took the lead in applying magnetic separation technology to the water treatment field in the metallurgical industry in China. Compared with the traditional precipitation method, our company's magnetic separation technology and equipment have the advantages of short process, small footprint, low one-time investment, strong equipment adaptability, and wastewater suspended matter can fluctuate in the range of 150-500mg / L. Compared with the degreaser, it occupies more than 80% of the land, saves more than 70% of the operating cost, and does not cause secondary pollution. Compared with the "high gradient magnetic separator", it is less prone to blockage and easier to handle backwash water; compared with Japan Compared with the "2-second separator", the speed is more than 10 times faster, and the single unit can handle 1500m3 / h of water, and the treatment effect is better. Adopting the matching magnetic press dewatering machine can save the concentration tank, reduce investment and equipment operation costs, and the equipment can be operated stably only by inspection and management.

It is mainly used in the fields of steel rolling turbid water system treatment, converter and blast furnace dust removal wastewater treatment, metal grinding waste liquid treatment, filtration and iron removal backwash water treatment, stamping machinery drainage treatment, washing and resource recovery, etc. It has performed well in more than 200 large steel companies and more than 200 projects. It can replace the secondary sink, filter, and chemical degreaser. The process is as follows:

Process flow (for more details, please email or telephone consultation)