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Technology and Application

Coal industry

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Coal mining industry mine water not only has the characteristics of groundwater and surface water, but also has the characteristics of sewage and wastewater. At present, conventional water treatment technologies can meet the water quality requirements of different purposes, but the economic rationality is far from the requirements. Super magnetic separation technology is a new technology for coal mine water treatment. Its equipment operates directly under the mine. Compared with traditional mine water surface treatment technology, it has significant economic, safety, and environmental protection advantages, and its technical process is simple. Difficulties in the purification and treatment of coal mine water are very few water purification technologies that can directly operate underground.

Notable technical features:

◆ Using full-hole processing, saving land and energy, no need to consider measures such as anti-freezing in winter, water can be directly used for production in the underground.

◆ Make full use of gravity flow, reduce power consumption, save energy and protect the whole process.

◆ Electricity meets the requirements of coal mine safety and explosion protection.

◆ The system has strong anti-shock load, which can effectively respond to the fluctuation of incoming water volume and water quality.

◆ The full set of equipment adopts full automation control, and the operator can start or stop the equipment operation on the local control cabinet.

◆ After the system is operated, the danger of dredging in the well is avoided, the service life of the pumps in the central pump room is extended, and the maximum benefit for customers is gained.

Measured data of a coal mine commissioning water treatment station:

ss (mg / l)

Numbering Water Effluent Coal industry pollutant emission standard pen 0426-2006 Removal rate
1 288 9
2 309 10 96.8
3 357 12 96.6

Reference application (for more details, please email or telephone consultation)

· Shandong Xinjulong Energy Company-810m mine water treatment (35000 m3 / d)

· Shandong New Mining Group Zhaoguan Mine -471m mine water treatment (15000 m3 / d)

· Xinzhuang Coal Mine of Shandong Xinwen Mining Group-300m mine water treatment (12000 m3 / d)

Website link: Shandong Huaneng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.