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Oil industry

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At present, most of China's oil fields have entered the middle and late stages of oil extraction. The water content in the produced fluid is 70-80%, and some oil fields are even as high as 90%. The amount of wastewater generated by oil fields is very large. Causes very serious environmental pollution problems, and at the same time wastes valuable water resources; if the oily wastewater is treated and injected back into the formation, not only can it avoid environmental pollution, but also save a lot of water resources. It is also the sustainable development of the oilfield and the improvement of the oilfield economy Benefits An important way to save costs.

At the same time, water injection is a very important method of oilfield development in China. It is an effective method to supplement formation energy, maintain oil layer energy balance, and maintain long-term high and stable production in the oilfield. Injection of untreated sewage containing a large amount of suspended solids, emulsified crude oil, bacteria and other harmful substances into the oil layer will cause damage to the oil layer, which will manifest as a large number of multiplying bacteria, mechanical impurities and iron deposits blocking the oil layer, causing the water injection pressure to rise The amount of water injection decreases, affecting the efficiency of water displacement of crude oil. Therefore, the water injected into the oil layer must be purified.

Our company's ultra-magnetic separation technology and complete equipment can realize the separation of water and suspended matter in water injection and produced water, and achieve the purpose of purifying water quality.

The equipment has mature technology and obvious advantages:

◆ Use rare earth magnetic steel structure to separate magnetic field, technology is stable and mature.

◆ Short magnetic separation time.

◆ The coagulation system supporting the magnetic separation process requires less medicine.

◆ Less equipment occupation and large processing capacity

◆ Equipment energy saving cost is small

Depending on the conditions of oil production, oilfield water quality requirements are different. The effluent indexes of different oilfields produced wastewater after adopting our company's technology and equipment are slightly different. The following are the actual measured indicators of an oilfield:

Oil industry case

Reference application (for more details, please email or telephone consultation)

· Daqing Oilfield No. 51 Water Supply Station Purification Project (1000 m3 / d)

· Gaoyi Combined Station of Caimei No. 5 Plant in Daqing Oilfield (2400m3 / d)

· Injection water treatment project of Shengli Oilfield Daoyuan Stope (600 m3 / d)