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Technology and Application

Emergency vehicle

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The full name of the emergency vehicle is "mobile super-magnetic water purification station" (MUM). It is a highly integrated integrated equipment carefully developed by our company based on high-performance super-magnetic separation water purification technology. This equipment has independent intellectual property rights, and its technological level is in the leading position in the country. It has a series of advantages such as high efficiency, quickness, good mobility, land saving, no need for earth structures, low investment costs, and fast startup speed. It is especially suitable for disaster emergency applications. The fields of water treatment, decentralized point source wastewater treatment, and river basin governance provide new governance models for domestic water environment improvement and pollution control.

Our company can currently provide a series of emergency mobile vehicle equipment such as 2500m3 / d, 5000m3 / d, 10000m3 / d, 20000m3 / d or customized according to customer's special requirements.

Main advantages and characteristics:

Wide scope of application: The equipment aims at different water quality, and combines other processes according to customer needs to provide customers with the best quality solutions.

Easy to move, operate and operate: The device is a completely assembled magnetic separation complete set of equipment, which is convenient for transportation, without installation, and adopts intelligent control, which is easy to operate and manage.

The treatment effect is obvious: simple combination of the system according to different water quality conditions can make the effluent reach relevant industry standards and national standards.

The following are measured indicators of a landscape water project:

Emergency vehicle application case

Reference application (for more details, please email or telephone consultation)

· Beijing Olympic Village emergency project (6000 m3 / d)

· Laofenghe Emergency Supermagnetic Water Purification Station (30000 m3 / d)

· Xinxi Fengqu Emergency Super Magnetic Water Purification Station (10,000 m3 / d)

· Fujian Xizen Temple Ecological Water Assurance Project (10000 m3 / d)